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Stilcon Industrial Services have an inventory holding of over 8,000 tonnes of four different types of scaffold, our scaffolding hire and sales capabilities can flex to service commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes.

We offer end to end scaffolding solutions using all four mechanisms for scaffolding – Layhor, Kiwkstage Aluminium, Kwikstage Steel, and Tube & Fitting Scaffolding.

Lahyer Scaffolding

A German-made modular scaffold that offers greater speed and efficiency, Lahyer is lighter, stronger and faster to build/pack down than alternate scaffold systems. Layher Scaffold products are inherently safe, efficient and offer users many more possibilities for their businesses.

Kwikstage Steel Scaffolding

Is a well-established scaffolding system distributed throughout the world. Its adaptability and speed of erection enables it to be used for a wide range of applications ranging from house building to large industrial applications.

Kwikstage Aluminium Scaffolding

Lightweight and easy to erect and dismantle, our range of aluminium scaffolds (Kwickstage and mobile towers) give you an extensive choice of access platforms that are perfect for light duty access needs.

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding (Situ Scaffolding)

Unlike system scaffolds, tube and fitting scaffolding are not pre-assembled, the tubes are fixed to one another using couplers, clamps, and fittings. This gives greater flexibility in unique work environments, requiring a variety of shapes. Tube and fitting scaffold use scaffold tube, boards, and fittings to create a sturdy structure.

Access & Egress Scaffold

We offer two types of access scaffold, in two types of modular; stretcher stairs and single stairs, in Layher Scaffold and Kwickstage Scaffold. These access scaffolds are flexible in that they are able to be craned or can be hung from beams/ concrete structures.

Gantry Scaffolding rated to KPA

Our gantry/hoarding scaffolds are available in two types of modular scaffolding (Layher and Kwickstage), and/or via a situ system (Tube and Fitting). Our gantry scaffolds can be designed to either a 5KPA load or 10KPA load.

Needle Scaffolding

Our needle scaffolds are available in three types of modular scaffolding (Layher, Kwickstage, Tube and Fitting), and/or via a situ system (Aluminum Kwickstage Scaffolding). Designed and engineered in-house to an IFC standard, Stilcon’s needle scaffolds consist of steel UB beams anchored to a concrete structure at any height.

Swing Stage Scaffolding

Versatile and perfect for construction / maintenance involving a wide variety of trades, our swing stage scaffold solutions take workers, tools and materials to the perfect height for them to complete their respective jobs. Suspended by either ropes or cables.

Perimeter Scaffolding

Our perimeter scaffolds are available in three types of modular scaffolding, and/or via a situ system. Flexible and customisable, Stilcon’s perimeter scaffold offering can stretch from a simple 2 board system, all the way through to a 10 board system with a cantilever off the front for extra space.

Formwork Scaffolding

Our formwork scaffolding is designed to support concrete structures such as new level slabs, bridges and piers.
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