As construction projects evolve in complexity, Stilcon Industrial Services stands as a dedicated provider of innovative scaffolding solutions, uniquely tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of each project. With an expert in-house team, we redefine the standards of efficiency, innovation, and safety in the construction industry.

Versatile Cranable Scaffolds for Project Precision

Our commitment to providing tailored solutions begins with the versatility of Layher Australia cranable scaffolds. These scaffolds prove advantageous in accommodating diverse project requirements, ensuring structural demands are met with flexibility and precision.

Spreader Beams, Handrail Systems, and Safety Measures

Beyond erecting scaffolds, we are raising the standards of efficiency, innovation, and safety. Our in-house team has ingeniously designed and engineered handrail systems for the exterior of Super T girders, enhancing on-site productivity and safety. By integrating handrail installation into the project’s design phase, we prioritize time and cost savings, risk reduction, and seamless access to working platforms. Safety remains paramount in our encapsulation solutions, carefully considered to facilitate finishing trades, protect workers, and prevent debris from falling onto lower levels.

Cantilevered Scaffold Walkways – Innovation for Safety and Accessibility

The cantilevered scaffold walkway is an innovative access solution designed to provide secure and convenient access over water bodies. In a recent project, our design spanned across the water, granting unrestricted access, and enhancing operational efficiency to various elevations. These walkways address unique site needs, enabling seamless barrier dismantling and contributing to the overall success of projects.

Unique Projects – Pedestrian Access Innovation

Our extensive experience and expertise stand out in tackling projects with challenging technical elements. A recent project, involved the removal of a level crossing and lowering the rail line underground, showcased our innovative solutions.


A Layher allround heavy duty bridge, designed for pedestrian access, was a first for any level crossing project in the southern hemisphere. Precise logistics and careful planning allowed us to position the bridge over a live railway line, achieving outstanding results within tight timeframes.

Revolutionising Lift Shaft Construction for Seamless Delivery

In the evolving landscape of level crossing projects, our encounters with lift shaft challenges prompted a fresh approach. Traditionally, constructing these pivotal elements onsite presented logistical hurdles tied to environmental factors, weather, and coordination with other trades. Seeking innovation, Stilcon Industrial Services collaborated with United Lifts to shift the paradigm.

Through cross-industry expertise, we successfully transitioned lift shaft construction offsite. Fabrication, painting, and assembly of the lift cage, steel structure, and cladding took place at our facilities. Each completed 30-tonne lift shaft underwent encapsulation, ensuring protection during transport and on-site installation.

Empowered Culture and Team Development

With over sixty full-time scaffolders, our team engages with each project from dispatch through to onsite operations. Our strong, empowered culture, built on trust, reliability, and respect, ensures seamless collaboration across teams. Committed to ongoing team development, we offer Verification of Competency Training opportunities, covering areas like Working at Heights, Safety Awareness, First Aid, and Level 3 OH&S. Additionally, our scaffolding team receives training in Elevated Working Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts, Manitous, and Rope Rescue.

In summary, Stilcon Industrial Services is not just a scaffolding provider; we’re a dedicated partner in construction excellence. Our commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency drives us to deliver solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to the success of every project.

With over three decades of experience in the construction industry, Stilcon Industrial Services brings a proven track record of excellence. Our successful completion of diverse projects showcases our ability to deliver on time and within budget.

Our Rigging & Steel Installation service seamlessly integrates with our broader spectrum of offerings, including scaffolding, blasting, onsite painting, and shrink wrapping. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your construction project is expertly managed under one roof.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the use of cutting-edge rigging equipment. Our rigging team comprises seasoned professionals with a proven track record in managing complex lifts and installations. From cranes with varying load capacities to specialized lifting accessories, we leverage state-of-the-art tools that adhere to industry standards.

Safety is non-negotiable at Stilcon Industrial Services. Our rigorous safety protocols, experienced teams, and state-of-the-art equipment underscore our unwavering commitment to creating a secure working environment for every project.

Every construction project is unique, and our approach reflects this understanding. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor our rigging and steel installation solutions to specific project requirements, ensuring that each component aligns seamlessly with your vision.

From design analysis and project management, to engineering, shop detailing, manufacturing, delivery and installation, Stilcon Industrial Services manages every aspect in-house to ensure the highest quality standards at each step in the process, and genuine peace-of-mind for their clients.

This in-house expertise and capability allows them to work closely with architects and engineers in bringing their ideas to fruition – often in challenging spaces or locations, or with unique technical specifications that require innovative thinking and out-of-the-box processes.


The 52,000sqm on-site production facility combines state-of-the-art steel processing equipment with traditional know-how and commitment to service from each one of its highly skilled draftsmen, welders, boilermakers and technical staff.

Stilcon Industrial Services prides itself on its capacity to fabricate top-quality, complex steel structures for a host of applications including commercial properties and office developments, shopping centres, multi-storey buildings, educational projects and hospitals, warehouses, bridges and civil construction, chemical industries, petrol refineries, volume and unique residential and ETFE polymer canopies.

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our team of certified abrasive blasters have worked on all levels of corrosion across a wide array of industrial equipment and infrastructure. Depending on the environment it is in, scale of damage and type of metal/alloy, we identify the right blasting media that adequately removes rust, maintains durability, and doesn’t harm the surrounding environment.

Stilcon Industrial Services offer on-site and off-site abrasive blasting, and our equipment has the capability to clean and prepare most material in any texture. Our abrasive blasting contractors, qualified in abrasive blasting service, ensure the structure or equipment is free from grease, rust, and surface contaminants with precise attention to detail.

We are experts in various forms of abrasive blasting, surface preparation and contaminant removal. From concrete stencilling to lead paint removal and wet abrasive blasting, we can do onsite sandblasting, chemical stripping, and mobile sandblasting job. We can blast anywhere using our wide range of high-quality blasting technologies and applications – from bridges, ships and building facades to internal high-rise strip-outs and tunnels.

Our systems can be used in locations and on materials where generic abrasive blasting processes are too dusty, messy, hazardous, and logistically troublesome. We are the leading edge of mobile wet sandblasting and onsite sandblasting in Melbourne. Abrasive blasting is a safe, effective, and efficient way to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces and materials.

Types of blasting media and methods used include:

  • Sand blasting
  • Steel blasting
  • Water blasting
  • Dustless blasting

Dustless Blasting can help with stripping paint and cleaning any type of surface and creating profiles without the harshness and dust of conventional blasting. We provide revolutionary dustless blasting systems that can remove almost any coating from any surface using our blasting technologies.

Heavy equipment accumulates grease, dirt and other contaminants, and this build-up can hinder its performance. Heavy machinery blasting is a great solution to avoid long-term issues and restore your heavy equipment.

Using abrasive blasting applications, and chemical removal systems, our highly trained onsite and mobile technicians can remove lead paint safely to ensure that no further contaminates are present.

At Stilcon Industrial Services, we understand that the right coat of paint is more than a visual enhancement; it’s a shield against the elements, ensuring longevity and resilience for your structures and equipment. Our Painting service goes beyond the surface, allowing us to tailor protective coatings with precision.

Eliminating rough edges and achieving the exact surface texture you desire is where our expertise shines. Our team, equipped with a Cert III in Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings, employs a meticulous approach to surface preparation. Varying the grit level ensures a flawless foundation for the application of high-quality coating.

Our proficiency extends to a range of specialized protective coating products. The team’s training and expertise allow us to identify the ideal coating product for your structure and equipment in any environment

Depending on the scale and accessibility of your structure/project’s needs, we offer on-site painting or utilize our separate facility. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for industries like mining or naval applications, where large mobile objects often require protective paint or coating applications.

Our Abrasive Painting service caters to a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Structural steel fixtures
  • Pipelines
  • Interiors of tanks and pressurized vessels
  • Steel cables
  • Marine vessel maintenance
  • Dams and hydraulic structures

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our Painting service is about providing a shield of precision and protection for your valuable assets. Elevate your structures with coatings that stand the test of time, ensuring durability and resilience in any environment.

At Stilcon Industrial Services, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the industry, delivering effective, reliable, environmentally friendly, and efficient shrink-wrapping services that consistently exceed customer expectations.  

Shrink wrap encapsulation involves the use of durable plastic film to create a protective barrier against dust, weather elements, and potential hazards. Our solutions-minded approach, coupled with our construction expertise, ensures seamless offsite solutions, our lift shaft encapsulation a prime example of our unwavering commitment to both safety and project integrity.

Benefits Of Shrink Wrapping:

  • Workplace Containment: Contains areas to prevent contaminants from entering workplaces.
  • Construction Site Security: Provides safety and security for buildings under construction.
  • Temperature Control: Containment offers temperature control where necessary.
  • Weather Protection: Protects job sites under harsh weather conditions.
  • Asset Protection: Safeguards assets, such as boats, trailers, vehicles, or machinery during transportation.
  • Versatility: Unlike traditional wrapping methods, shrink wrapping has the flexibility to wrap objects of any shape and size.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Your Project

At Stilcon Industrial Services, we believe in a comprehensive approach to your project needs. Our shrink-wrapping service seamlessly integrates with our suite of offerings, including sandblasting, painting, and scaffolding. With a proven track record spanning over three decades in the industry, we’ve become synonymous with excellence.

Scaffolding Wrap

Our scaffolding shrink-wrap services set the standard for the containment of construction sites. Utilizing premium environmentally friendly scaffold encapsulation, our scaffold sheeting not only protects buildings but also ensures the safety of workers. Our scaffolding services are tailored to your project’s size, shape, and exclusive requirements. Shrink wrap containment is most used in the construction, manufacturing, and defence industries for safety and security, environmental control, reducing contamination, dividing worksites, weather protection, clean work environments, and aesthetic worksite presentation.

Protection During Blasting & Coating

Shrink wrapping is one of the most effective ways to contain on-site areas exposed to blasting, coating, and painting. The benefits of using shrink wrapping in blasting projects include high versatility, effective capturing and removal of blasting debris, protection of objects and surfaces from exposure to paints and coatings, protection from harsh weather, efficient setup of shrink wrap sheets, and complete containment of the blasting area for health and environmental safety.

Hazardous Materials Containment

Our end-to-end shrink-wrapping services offer a perfect containment solution for hazardous materials such as asbestos, silica dust, and lead paint. We provide complete encapsulation of areas requiring containment, using high-quality shrink-wrapping sheets to enclose walls, doors, and windows. This enables the safe removal of hazardous materials, ensuring safety measures for workers, environmental control, and prevention of hazardous dust particles from spreading into other areas of the job site.

Protection from the Weather

Environmental challenges, such as harsh weather, can cause project delays, leading to additional costs. Shrink wrapping provides a perfect solution to these challenges, offering containment against rain, storms, and heat. It provides shelter for employees, ensuring a safe and functional working space and guarantees that no workdays are lost. Our shrink wrap sheets are suited for every environmental factor, providing protection against wet hazardous weather, high UV rays, falling objects, and contaminants.


Shrink wrapping is an ideal system for wrapping, storing, and preserving assets during transit. Our shrink-wrapping solutions ensure that your assets remain secure, safe, and undamaged until they come out of storage. Benefits include retaining the quality of your assets, protection against environmental conditions, such as changing weather, corrosive materials, UV rays, and more

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our Design and Engineering Team stands at the forefront of innovation and expertise, comprising seasoned professionals with extensive experience in navigating the complexities of commercial, infrastructure, residential, and industrial projects

Our Design and Engineering services encompass a broad spectrum, including:

  • Custom designs tailored to project needs
  • Site survey and precise measurements
  • Lift shaft encapsulation design, fabrication, and installation
  • Solution-focused designs addressing project intricacies
  • Steelwork design and fabrication
  • IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) design and engineering

Innovative Solutions by Ex-Scaffolders Turned Design Experts

Our in-house design team, consisting of four members, brings a unique perspective to the table — each member is an ex-scaffolder who now leverages their profound industry knowledge to craft CAD-designed solutions. With backgrounds spanning industry, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, defense, and petrochemical sectors, our team is adept at addressing diverse project requirements.

Engineered Excellence in Compliance

Utilizing cutting-edge 2D and 3D software, we provide engineered solutions that meticulously adhere to AS/NZS code requirements. Believing that innovation is the linchpin for industry advancement, we actively seek opportunities to develop bespoke components, especially when faced with challenging scenarios not readily addressed by existing market solutions.

All designs are completed in-house with both 2D detail and 3D modelling being utilised. Our 3D modelling is used on our industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. Our 2D modelling ensure better understanding and visualisation of the finished product exactly as our client want it.

As the regulations state all temp work designs on tier one industrial and infrastructure work must be signed off by proof engineers. To ensure the smooth process of this requirement our team have built strong long-standing relationships with proof engineers such as ADG, Smec and Hatch

Structural Calculations and Collaborative Approach

For scaffold structures of complexity, we proficiently utilize both 2D and 3D finite element analysis software. Recognizing regulatory requirements, especially for tier one industrial and infrastructure projects, our team has forged robust relationships with Verification Engineers to ensure seamless sign offs. Our ability to provide structural calculations and conduct wind analysis ensures we can highlight the effects these have, to our clients engineers, on their structure.

Client-Centric Collaboration

Liaison with clients is a cornerstone of our project success. The Stilcon Industrial Services Design team actively promotes transparent communication, ensuring a thorough understanding of project nuances and client expectations.

Integrated Approach for Optimal Service

Our Design team maintains strong connections with our Sales, Estimating, and Operations teams. Driven by a commitment to delivering the best possible service, our approach is solution-oriented and economically driven. Cost-effectiveness and safety are non-negotiable priorities, always at the forefront of our work.

At Stilcon Industrial Services, our Design and Engineering Team isn’t just about meeting standards; it’s about setting new benchmarks in precision, innovation, and client-focused excellence.

Stilcon Industrial Services have an inventory holding of over 8,000 tonnes of four different types of scaffold, our scaffolding hire and sales capabilities can flex to service commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes.

We offer end to end scaffolding solutions using all four mechanisms for scaffolding – Layhor, Kiwkstage Aluminium, Kwikstage Steel, and Tube & Fitting Scaffolding.

Lahyer Scaffolding

A German-made modular scaffold that offers greater speed and efficiency, Lahyer is lighter, stronger and faster to build/pack down than alternate scaffold systems. Layher Scaffold products are inherently safe, efficient and offer users many more possibilities for their businesses.

Kwikstage Steel Scaffolding

Is a well-established scaffolding system distributed throughout the world. Its adaptability and speed of erection enables it to be used for a wide range of applications ranging from house building to large industrial applications.

Kwikstage Aluminium Scaffolding

Lightweight and easy to erect and dismantle, our range of aluminium scaffolds (Kwickstage and mobile towers) give you an extensive choice of access platforms that are perfect for light duty access needs.

Tube & Fitting Scaffolding (Situ Scaffolding)

Unlike system scaffolds, tube and fitting scaffolding are not pre-assembled, the tubes are fixed to one another using couplers, clamps, and fittings. This gives greater flexibility in unique work environments, requiring a variety of shapes. Tube and fitting scaffold use scaffold tube, boards, and fittings to create a sturdy structure.

Access & Egress Scaffold

We offer two types of access scaffold, in two types of modular; stretcher stairs and single stairs, in Layher Scaffold and Kwickstage Scaffold. These access scaffolds are flexible in that they are able to be craned or can be hung from beams/ concrete structures.

Gantry Scaffolding rated to KPA

Our gantry/hoarding scaffolds are available in two types of modular scaffolding (Layher and Kwickstage), and/or via a situ system (Tube and Fitting). Our gantry scaffolds can be designed to either a 5KPA load or 10KPA load.

Needle Scaffolding

Our needle scaffolds are available in three types of modular scaffolding (Layher, Kwickstage, Tube and Fitting), and/or via a situ system (Aluminum Kwickstage Scaffolding). Designed and engineered in-house to an IFC standard, Stilcon’s needle scaffolds consist of steel UB beams anchored to a concrete structure at any height.

Swing Stage Scaffolding

Versatile and perfect for construction / maintenance involving a wide variety of trades, our swing stage scaffold solutions take workers, tools and materials to the perfect height for them to complete their respective jobs. Suspended by either ropes or cables.

Perimeter Scaffolding

Our perimeter scaffolds are available in three types of modular scaffolding, and/or via a situ system. Flexible and customisable, Stilcon’s perimeter scaffold offering can stretch from a simple 2 board system, all the way through to a 10 board system with a cantilever off the front for extra space.

Formwork Scaffolding

Our formwork scaffolding is designed to support concrete structures such as new level slabs, bridges and piers.

Stilcon owner, Nick Babic has walked the talk in safety, supporting a culture based on “honesty, transparency and doing the right thing”.

Safety culture is evidenced with shared values, beliefs and behaviours exhibited through the organisation right through from planning, costing, to the delivery phase. Social cohesion is maintained at Stilcon Scaffolding as a group of behaviours, systems and symbols exhibited internally and externally, and individually and collectively interpreted as positive displays of the company values. The safety culture at Stilcon Scaffolding is evident with continual improvement at the forefront, driven by the Senior Leadership Team. Our OH&S Manager supported by HSR’s and our Safety Committee Team are pivotal to the continuous and rigorous improvement of the safety standards at Stilcon Scaffolding.

Social cohesion is the foundation for enhancing individual and collective performance. Nowhere is this more important than in Health and Safety. Director Kristina Noble, with a broad corporate background and passion for health and wellbeing has introduced psychological profiling of all key members of the Stilcon Scaffolding team including our in-field Supervisor delivery level. Third party Consultants are engaged to assist Leadership development and mentoring/development sessions are regular for the team. Every advantage will be leveraged to create better social cohesion and understanding of each other to assist successful communication strategies.

At Stilcon Scaffolding all Managers, Supervisors and team members understand that Health and Safety systems are crucial to the protection of our people and the success of our business.

This year, 2022, key plans have and will be met as targets

  • Third party delivered Leadership development and mentoring for Stilcon Scaffolding key personnel
  • Accreditation: AS/NZ ISO OHMS 45001:2018 and AS/NZ ISO QMS 9001
  • Integration of OH&S Manager and support team mentored by a specialist safety consultant for continual improvement and compliance in Emergency response, Rescue training, procedural and site safety inspections.

Stilcon Scaffolding recognizes Quality “as central to all our systems and processes.” Working safely as a team with high quality services provision is paramount.

What do Stilcon Scaffolding Clients say:

“Stilcon investing in new inventory, putting forward cutting edge solutions…reliable partner who delivers on promises.”
Ty Newman , Delivery Manager, Southern Program Alliance, Acciona

"Stilcon Scaffolding first approach …piece of mind..innovative and reliable. “
Jim Heron, John Holland Superintendent, North West Program Alliance

Stilcon Scaffolding

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